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Unlocking Nigeria’s Solar Energy Potentials.

This website is directed at medium sized power users such as SMEs and social facilities which generate their own power with diesel generators. The cost of diesel-based power generation has increased significantly in Nigeria over the past few years, and the power grid continues to be plagued by daily outages. In this context mid-sized power users are urgently looking for alternatives to their soaring energy costs.


This website is part of a wider Nigerian-German industry initiative to transfer technology and market development know-how to Nigeria. The goal is to facilitate the development of a market dynamic bringing competitive solar energy to medium sized power users. These actors are the true backbone of the Nigerian economy and they deserve access to reliable and affordable solar power which will ultimately unlock Nigeria’s great industrious potential and help propel the modernization of the African continent.


All activities of this public-private initiative are co-financed by the German government.

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