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Hybrids in Africa

The graph below shows the market potential of various PV hybrid systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. It clearly points towards the most promising market segment of ‘PV diesel hybrid systems for bad grids’ which provides reliable power in regions of weak power grids.

Nigeria is the biggest gensets market in Africa, with over 60 million Nigerians generating their own power based on fossil fuels such as diesel and gasoline/petrol. This means that one of three Nigerians currently rely on gensets to meet their power back up requirements. The lack of power infrastructure and existing power plants working only at one third of their potential have led to the overwhelming demand for diesel gensets in the country. Therefore, the absolute market potential of PV diesel hybrid system is proportional to that market size.


There are no market development projections for PV diesel hybrids available yet. But it can reasonably be assumed that this market would display astounding market dynamics if adequate market frameworks were established to set in motion the realization of the tremendous PV diesel hybrid systems potential.