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Protergia Energy

Protergia Energy is a renewable energy project development company based in Abuja, Nigeria. We are committed to providing clean, tailor-made, and cost-effective solutions to the commercial market. We are strategically positioned to provide unique cost-effective solutions to the budding industries and businesses in Nigeria and beyond, ensuring progressive reduction in their overall cost of electricity and subsequently cost of doing business.


Our Strategic Alliances with tier-1 companies and global industry leaders, Competent and Experienced team and Superior understanding of the power sector in Nigeria and Africa uniquely position us as the power company of the future.

Protergia Energy Projects:

  • Solar Power System for Akin Kekere-Ekun Admin Building, American University of Nigeria
  • Solar power system – The Citadel and Towers, House on the Rock The Refuge, Abuja


Email: info@protergiaenergy.com

Phone: 0817 907 6928

Website: www.protergiaenergy.com