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PV Hybrid Systems

A silent revolution has been going on with solar power in recent years, as it has reached price parity with generator-based power production in a growing number of geographies. Generating solar power has become cheaper than running diesel generators, even in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are not aware of solar power’s new competitiveness which is precisely what this website is about: Spreading the very good news for many power users, especially SMEs and social facilities.

Most mid-sized power consumers in Nigeria have one thing in common: they all run their own diesel generators. Their operation gets increasingly expensive as diesel prices are on the rise. Surveys have also shown that generators are often oversized and thus run inefficiently, which has the effect of driving the costs up further.


The lack of reliable power is hard-felt among mid-sized power users and this power gap seriously hampers the economic success of Nigerians and the country as a whole. Therefore, the question that has to be asked is: Why not fill this power gap with solar PV systems, given that reliable and affordable solar power can greatly contribute in making Nigerians more successful?

While fuel prices are rising, the costs of PV systems are dropping, making solar power the most economical alternative energy source for remote regions and urban areas exposed to an unreliable grid. In short, the time is right for a sustainable energy development based on decentralized PV-diesel hybrid systems.


So, what exactly is a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system? A hybrid is the result of combining two kinds of power generating systems able to produce similar outputs. A photovoltaic diesel hybrid system consists of a PV system, diesel gensets and an intelligent management system that ensures that the amount of solar energy fed into the system exactly matches the demand at that time.

Introduction to solar power on PV diesel hybrid systems


We provide you below with an overview of available technical and market resources on PV diesel hybrid systems.

General overview of markets, applications and technologies

At the Off-Grid Power Forum at the Intersolar Europe 2014 trade fair, service and technology suppliers informed potential customers & users, experts and foreign government representatives about solar off-grid power markets, case studies, project experiences and technical solutions.