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Solynta Energy

45 million Nigerian homes and businesses suffer from erratic power supply and rely on expensive, noisy polluting generators to meet their energy needs. Solynta is driven by the desire to replace the use of generators with 24-hours power that is clean and affordable. They believe that this will be the catalyst driving the economy forward and creating opportunities for everyone.


Solynta Energy is one of the fastest growing urban providers of solar energy solutions in Nigeria. The company was established in 2013 to fulfill its vision of powering 10 million urban homes and businesses by 2030.


Solynta installs Solar Home Systems for homes and businesses. It’s in-house team of staff includes engineering, customer service, sales & marketing and logistic experts. Thanks to its innovative financial products the uptake of solar solutions, previously considered  expensive and unattainable, has become easy to acquire.


Solynta has successfully delivered its off-grid solutions nationwide with an installed capacity of over 1.5MW. Full project gallery available to view at www.solyntaenergy.com.


Solynta Energy Projects:


Project A Project B Project C
Size: 40KW
Location: Madugiri
Client: UNDP
Size: 2KW
Location: Kano
Client: Residential Client
Size: 14KW
Location: Lagos
Client: Commercial Client
Project D Project E
Size: 500 watts
Location: Lagos
Client: Residential Client
Size: 1KW
Location: Delta
Client: Residential Client


Email: solar@solyntaenergy.com

Phone: 01 280 9347/ 0909 894 4695

Website: www.solyntaenergy.com