Learn everything you need to know about the benefits and importance of the solar energy when you read this here at Solar Works. The benefits and importance of solar energy are the following:

* #1 Energy Source In The World! (Yes, even more important than oil!) * Virtually infinite amount of energy available 24/7/365! * Produces no greenhouse gases or toxic by-products! * Produces no noise, odors or air pollution! * Produces no fluctuation in price! * Does not run out! * Can be produced anywhere on earth! * Can be produced by almost anyone who owns land and has enough sun! * Comes from the sun which is free! * Instantly affordable with average cost of $1.50 per watt and dropping! * Can power a home for 1,000+ years! * Works nearly forever without maintenance! * Generates income for the owner (rarely needs financing)! * No gasoline or electric bills! * Solar power satellites now in orbit around the earth can now provide us with nearly 100% of the world’s energy needs for the next two centuries. Almost all of this energy will come from the sun and will be totally free. The importance of the solar energy cannot be overstated.

Solar energy is free! There is no cost whatsoever for the owner to harness the power of the sun. It just takes a little know-how, some inexpensive tools and a few sunny days in order to get started.

Solar energy doesn’t stop at the edge of your property. Unlike other forms of energy, such as coal and oil, solar energy can be collected from a source that is hundreds or even thousands of miles away. This means that you don’t have to dig any holes or lay any pipelines. You don’t have to worry about pollution or dirty fuel.

Solar energy is easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, using solar energy is as easy as 1-2-3. First, identify the areas on your roof that receive the most sunlight. Next, attach the appropriate sized solar collector (it ranges from a few square feet to several hundred square feet) to those areas. Finally, connect up the leads from the solar collector to an existing electrical outlet and enjoy the power of the sun!

Solar energy is very reliable. Yes, it is true. Solar energy is actually more reliable than most other sources of energy. When you use solar energy, there is no chance of running out. In fact, you will never even come close to running out.

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